Halls of Learning TV ad

Marvin Hall, the mind behind the Halls of Learning, approached DimensionRIFT Studios to produce an advertisement for Halls of Learning. Mr. Hall, via Halls of Learning, is teaching an introduction to robotics course and introduction to digital music creation course, in the summer of 2004. He conveyed to DimensionRIFT that he wanted an advertisement consisting of cutting edge visuals, which would be indicative of the courses he was offering. DimensionRIFT Studios conceptualized a futuristic theme and created a metallic interface and 3D models/visuals. The 3d models were then animated and then various visuals were layered in to create dynamism and the finished look of the advertisement.

Check out the ad! (2.9MB and requires Apple Quicktime)

Above: Render of the RoboTank

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