Splinter Cell: Art of espionage

Splinter Cell created by UbiSoft is one of the most prolific Special Forces/Black Ops games to date. You assume the role of Sam Fisher, a trained government agent who works for the Third Echelon deep within the NSA. You are sent out on various missions that require stealth espionage and finesse. This game was truly an inspiration to me and also has created a new benchmark in this genre of gaming. After the release of Splinter Cell, UbiSoft organized a competition where people could submit art work inspired by the Splinter Cell universe. Seeing as how Sam Fisher is a one man army, and there was no sniper rifle, i decided to fill that gap. On a couple of missions throughout the game you are ordered to assassinate a certain individual, however it is slightly difficult as you do not really have a gun suited for that operation if the target is tightly guarded, hence the need for a long range rifle

The rifle i designed is a fusion of 3 different rifles; the 99SR Galatz, the SSG3000 and the Colt M4A1. I have also included some developmental shots on page 2.

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