Remake of the Mechanist Cathedral in Thief 2

When playing Thief 2: The Metal Age (Looking Glass Studios), I did not feel a sense of grandeur from the Cathedral that I had felt when viewing the interiors of the buildings of the Mechanists. This inspired me to re-design the Mechanist Cathedral in a more grandiose fashion, something more befitting the Mechanists. Although this is a fairly high-poly Cathedral, I feel that the style and proportions can be translated into a low-poly version that can convey the glory of the Mechanists. I created this Cathedral as a high-poly model to show some of the detail that I thought could be included into the overall design, and how elaborate Mechanist architecture can be. I have included a screenshot of the original Mechanist Cathedral, followed by developmental renders of my re-design for the Cathedral.

Above: Screenshot of the original Mechanist Cathedral

Above: Render of my Mechanist Cathedral

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