3-Dimensional Modelling

Being able to properly communicate an idea visually is sometimes an extremely difficult task. DimensionRIFT Studios can help you manifest and develop your ideas using 3D modeling software. There are many advantages of using the 3D medium rather than traditional methods. Some of them are:

1) The ability to change colours and lighting on the fly.
2) The ability to scale and transform objects quickly and easily.
3) The ability to capture any angle/perspective of an object once it has been modeled.

These and many more advantages help to make 3D modeling efficient for projects that require a lot of creative trial and error. Some examples where 3D modeling can be very beneficial are Architectural Visualizations, Interior Design Visualizations, Product Development and Imaging, Advertising, Television, Music and Websites and Multimedia.

3D imagery can put your ideas and products a cut above the rest because of its dynamism and the fact that it is a relatively new form of artistic expression.

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3-Dimensional Animation

The next step after creating static computer generated images (CGI) through the use of 3D models, is to add motion and fluidity to the object(s). 3D animation can make your ideas more understandable because it can present more facets of an object than static imagery. The viewer can more clearly see how light interacts with the object while it’s being revolved/animated as well as sees how the texture and colour of the surfaces work together.

Take your viewers on a visual journey through your ideas by letting DimensionRIFT create fly-throughs and fly-by’s of your designs. Bring your characters/advertising to life with vivid animation! When you require Virtual work of the highest standard and quality, do not hesitate to contact DimensionRIFT. 3D animation is ideal for creating attention grabbing graphics for:

1) Advertising
2) Television
3) Special Effects
4) Architectural fly-by’s
5) Interior fly-throughs
6) Product presentations
7) Company logos/mascots

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Digital Presentations

When your business requires high-impact presentations to grab the attention of current and potential customers, DimensionRIFT can assist by producing high-end graphics indicative of your company’s professionalism and image. In this new global economy, dynamism plays a key factor. Companies’ need to be able to come up with fresh and exciting graphics and marketing so as to keep in step with competition the world over.

When people view your presentation they will see a company that is in tune with the latest visual trends and is very confident in using new media to attract new revenue as well as maintain current client relations.

DimensionRIFT can forge that link between your company and its target market by providing high-end, custom presentations that fit today’s high graphical standards. Some very good applications of this are:

1) Product launches
2) Conferences
3) Company presentations
4) Company Info Handouts (on CD).

Web Design

With telecommunications virtually decreasing the size of our planet, competition and marketing now takes on global proportions. You need a part of your business represented at all times so people who require your services/needs can find you. The Internet plays a huge role in global connectivity with millions of people looking for services and products everyday.

Even though the Internet is still expanding at a rapid rate, more than likely, you will have competition that is also trying to get new clients. What is going to separate you from your competitors online is a unique and professional design that is an extension of your business. Customers are very visual, and this plays a major role when selecting who they do business with through the Internet. When customers see that you have spent the time and effort to acquire a professional website, they will be confident that they are dealing with someone who is serious about doing business.

First impressions are everything. DimensionRIFT can give you that edge with custom designed web pages to fit your needs and your target market. Contact DimensionRIFT for a quote on web design and other graphical services.

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Other Services
Do not hesitate to contact DimensionRIFT if you need other graphical work such as logo design, brochures, booklets, web banners and advertising and web hosting. If we do not provide design directly, we can put you on to other reputable people who will get the job done. Refer to the bottom of the web page for contact information.

  When you require visuals that make you stand out, think DimensionRIFT.
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