Agency Zed: Texaco Advertisement

This project was done in conjunction with a company called Agency Zed located in Canada. The timeline for this project, which was about 7 weeks, was extremely tight for the amount of modeling required. A Honda Torneo motorcar had to be modeled as well as the island of Jamaica and the several Texaco locations throughout the country (being represented by the texaco logos on the island). The animation was 3-4 seconds, which was comprised of an island zoom shot (1 second) and a camera rotate of the car driving through the Jamaican countryside (3 seconds). The artistic direction taken for this project was one of a posterized effect. As you can see from the finished images, the colours are flattened, there are no gradients between light and shadow or colour and highlight.

Below are some finished images of the car and the island shot. I have also included some development shots on Page 2 so that you can see how the car was constructed.

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